Welcome to the website for my TNFS server project: A site for Sinclair Spectrums fitted with a Spectranet ethernet expansion (or Emulators like FUSE). I wanted to give something back to the community that started my interest in computers all those years ago, so I started this site with the aim of building the most up-to-date and fun TNFS archive available for the ZX Spectrum. I wrote a 4-part series of articles covering the building of this site - check out DevOps For The Sinclair Spectrum on my Blog, and the site has also been featured on YouTube - take a look at The Spectrum Show #107!

Easy to use menu system that probably won’t crash.

Over 16,000 games, demos and utilities playable online with a search system. Everything from old classics to modern bangers, updated frequently.

Message wall, comments, articles, curated lists, Hall Of Fame and as much other fun stuff as my rusty 8-bit skillz can knock together.